Originating in France, the Craquehhe is one of the most savage monsters in Europe. It is a truly terrifying ghoul that feeds on both the flesh and blood of its victims, and is most likely the source of inspiration for the cinematic Zombie. It is a type of revenant, the reanimated corpse of a man who died in sin or was never baptized. Its form is that of a rotting corpse, having sunken eyes, filthy hair clotted with soil from its grave, broken and jagged fingernails from having tore its way out of the coffin, and reeking of rotting flesh. Maggots and worms infest its flesh and tattered clothing.

The one detail that makes the Craquehhe so horrifying is that it will rise from the grave and slowly shamble along with shattered legs and missing arms, along with other debilitating injuries, no matter how badly it was injured at the time of its demise. The creature’s complete disregard for pain or crippling injuries makes it hard to fight, and far harder to kill. Gunshots pass completely through its body, and knives don’t even slow it down. Despite its shambling gait and decomposing flesh, the Craquehhe is extremely fast and very powerful.

The only possible ways to kill the Craquehhe is through the use of fire, decapitation, or a combination of the two. Even then, this requires a skilled warrior protected by holy symbols or a group of brave men armed with torches, sharpened staves, and scythes to put this unholy monster to rest. However, even if decapitated when defeated, the corpse will stubbornly cling to its unnatural life. Then the Craquehhe must be burned to ensure that it does not reanimate itself again or taint the soil of the entire graveyard, thus creating a veritable army of undead monstrosities.


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