A powerful demon from Arabic mythology and legend, created by God from smokeless fire. The term djinn is where the term genie comes from. These spirits were created before humans, so it's really no wonder that the Djinn feel resentful of the earth's usurpation by humans. Usually invisible, the Djinn are powerful shapeshifters that are able to manifest themselves in a multitude of forms, and vary greatly in terms of both power and temperament.

The Djinn are spirits of darkness, and are primarily nocturnal (sleeping during the day), haunting cemeteries, ancient ruins, and crossroads. However, some may be found in slaughterhouses, as blood is both appealing and tempting to them. The Djinn is also known to inhabit the threshold of a house, and may strike out at those who awaken them by causing disease, stroke, or paralysis. These sicknesses resist medical treatment, healing only after magic or shamanic healing has been applied. The Djinn love and crave heat, preferring to live in the desert for that same reason. It is not surprising, therefore, that the Djinn despise the cold.

The Djinn, like most spirits, hates salt, but also fears iron and steel. The spirit dislikes noisy, crowded places (although, being a curious sort of spirit, they often take part in fairs, festivals, and other social events). Lastly, they enjoy telling stories, and are able to be pacified or lured in by exciting tales of suspense. Curiously, the Djinn also have a code of honor, and even the most temperamental Djinn will honor a promise or a vow. They appreciate respectful behavior and favors done for them.