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The Ghoul (from the Arabic ghul, meaning “demon”) is an evil demon from ancient Arabian mythology that dwells in graveyards, deserts and other desolate places as a diet creature consumes dead human flesh and drink blood. It will greedily devour a corpse, this necrophagous behavior is its preference. But it also desires living human flesh of children and other defenseless human beings. It will strive to obtain a living victim if it can do so with little risk to itself (it is a rather cowardly creature). These creatures tend to travel and hunt in small packs. Ghouls are said to be pack hunters. And even a small group can strip a corpse clean in minutes. Very intelligent, the creature is very cunning as they are infamous in many myths to lure the unwary travellers by taking the form of a beautiful women. They have no knowledge of but the most basic tools. Therefore, the best ways to kill a ghoul are decapitation or cremation. A ghoul will run from strong and healthy person. Religious spells can also harm this foul demonic creature.

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