The Jiangshi (translated from Mandarin Chinese, the word means “stiff corpse) is the Chinese equivalent of the Vampire. Also known as the “hopping vampire,” it is so named because of its unique method of locomotion. Its body is stiff with rigor mortis, and it is therefore forced to hop after its victims (although this sounds hilarious, the creature itself is no laughing matter). This creature possesses great strength, able to tear a human apart with little effort. It is a shapeshifter, able to become a wolf at will. It is also able to levitate, but cannot truly fly. This Vampire is extremely hard to kill. Only direct sunlight, a bolt of lightning, decapitation, and cremation are capable of stopping this monster. The Jiangshi feeds on blood much like its European counterpart, but the Jiangshi also feeds on the victim’s qi, or their lifeforce.