A Malaysian vampire whose head and entrails separate from the rest of the body when she needs to hunt. It is created when a woman who is deep in prayer is startled by an extremely loud noise or an alarm of some kind. This causes her head to literally wrench itself free from her body, dragging along its entrails and its spine. Somehow, this causes the woman to become extremely evil and to be damned to Hell as a sinner. She is doomed to remain trapped on Earth as a horrifying monster forever (fairly harsh punishment for being startled during prayer). She is able to fly and prefers to await potential prey in the trees. She feeds on the flesh and blood of children, but she isn't really that picky. If she is hungry enough and an adult comes by, so be it.

Another oddity about this monster is that if she lingers in one place for too long, the fluids dripping from her entrails will create a thorny, bioluminescent plant. She can be repelled with thorns from a thistle plant, which she fears to get caught in her entrails.


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