The skeleton is the most basic form of the undead, consisting of nothing more than the reanimated bones of a human that has died. Animating the dead requires one to be able to command the unholy energies that reanimate the dead. The skeleton is held together by sinews, which are magically preserved. The skeleton magically retains the strength of its flesh, but it is far faster and agile than was possible in life. However, the skeleton is mindless, unable to think for itself or use any reasoning capability. Therefore, they follow simple commands quite well, making them ideal guardians. The skeleton is highly resistant to damage from edged weapons, while blunt weapons (a mace, for example) are capable of wreaking untold havoc on the skeleton. The skeleton of a former warrior will recall basic combat techniques, and reanimated sorcerers are still more than capable of calling upon the chaotic forces of magic. It is unheard of for skeletons to reanimate in this world, but they are far more common in the worlds of role-playing games such as Dungeons & Dragons.