Species: The creature’s classification by a type of species. The number of species include the Undead (Corporeal or Incorporeal), Shapeshifter, Aberration, Savage Beast, Spirit of the Dead, Evil Spirit, Demon, Unexplained Entity (synonymous with Aberration), Faery Spirit, and Mythical Beast. There can be more than one for a given creature.

Other Names: Any other names that the monster may be known by, whether it be local, tribal, or cultural.

Habitat: The monster's preferred dwelling place, territory, or what part of the world it may be found in.

Diet: What this monster feeds on (if anything), whether it is human blood, human flesh, excrement, souls, or something equally foul. Some monsters do not feed at all, so this section may be excluded in some entries.

Features: The monster's defining physical characteristics. If possible, this should include height, weight, hair color, eye color, bodily build, etc.

Behavior: The defining behavior and habits of the monster, useful when hunting and identifying the potential beast.

Abilities: Any supernatural abilities or powers that the monster may possess. Each monster has abilities that make it uniquely dangerous. This should include strength, speed, agility, endurance, and any special abilities it may have.

Weaknesses: Almost every monster in the world has some sort of vulnerability, something that can hurt or even kill it. It is very rare indeed to find a creature that does not have some sort of weakness that can be exploited by the cunning hunter.

Slaying the (Insert Name of Creature): Despite their abilities, most monsters can be killed in one way or another. Methods will be listed and explained here. There may be numerous ways to destroy a given creature, and for others there may only be one. Very rarely, there is no known way to kill a monster or a creature. Usually, the wise hunter knows that this is a battle that cannot be won. If there is no way to kill it, then methods of repulsing the creature or permanently driving it away may be used.

Detection: There is usually more than one way to tell if one of these creatures is in the area. Signs will be listed and explained here. For some monsters, there aren’t any ways of detecting their presence, so this section may not be included in every entry.

History: If the monster has a particularly interesting or strange background or origin (i.e. it was once human). How to become one of these creatures will be discussed here as well. In-depth information will be provided if available.

This template is to be used if a User wants to create an in-depth article, and other sections may be added to articles if necessary.